• Led Primary:  Practice Full Primary Series Led by Instructor’s Count
  • Mysore:  Self-Practice based on your own breath count

    * First time practitioners are welcome to all classes, but please come in at least 15 minutes before.
    * If recovering from injury, surgery, currently pregnant, post-pregnancy, or any other physical issues and concerns, please call in advance.   090-8292-1792
    * We practice with empty stomach. Please refrain from eating at least 2 hours before coming to a practice.
    * Please bring your Yoga Mat, Rug, and Towels.
    * Free Rental Yoga Mats are available, however, please bring a large towel or rug.



Drop in / 1,800 yen

5 Class Pass / 8,000 yen (3 month expiration)

10 Class Pass / 1,5000 yen (6 month expiration)

Monthly Unlimited Pass / 1,2000 yen

Payment Cash only